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1 . About Vixx Tiles

Hey there! We are Vixx Tiles, and we're thrilled that you want to know more about us. As our name suggests, we are a tile store located in Etten-Leur, just below the city of Breda. You're welcome to visit our showroom anytime during opening hours, and we'll even treat you to a delicious cup of coffee!

2 . Why are our tiles so affordable?

You might have noticed in our webshop that we have a wide range of affordable tiles. Now you're probably wondering, "Why are you much cheaper than other stores? Doesn't that compromise the quality?" Well, there's only one right answer... We shop smart!

But how do we shop smarter than the rest? By purchasing directly from factories in Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain, we bypass a few intermediaries (who add margins to the tiles). We maintain our own stock and have our own tile brands that you won't find anywhere else. This results in a lower price for you without compromising the quality!

3 . Let's get acquainted... Who is Vixx?

Vixx is a blend of our two first names, Viktor and Max. We enjoy selling great products (particularly sanitary ware and tiles) and providing exceptional service. Seeing a smile on your face means the world to us! Besides offering competitive prices, this is what makes us truly unique.

4 . What sets Vixx Tiles apart?

We're not like the rest. We have a wide selection of affordable tiles (for more information, check out the question: "Why are our tiles so affordable?"), and we place great importance on keeping you satisfied. Of course, things can occasionally go wrong, but at Vixx, a satisfied customer is everything to us! This means we're here to run, lift, and advise you when you visit, as well as when you've received the products and need assistance with anything.

5 . How did we come into existence?

We started in a 60 m² garage box in Zevenbergen, where we sold outlet bathroom furniture. The outlet consisted of returned goods and showroom models from luxury brands. Through wholesalers, we quickly expanded our range to include faucets, tiles, rain showers, shower walls, radiators, and everything else related. Our small warehouse soon became too small for all these items, so within six months, we made the decision to move. In Etten-Leur, we found a warehouse with an office that perfectly met our needs.

We have now evolved from an outlet and sell complete bathrooms. We changed our name from to Vixx Bathrooms and decided to create a separate website that focuses on tiles. And that's how Vixx Tiles was born!

6 . Where can you find us?

We're excited that you want to visit us! We're located in Etten-Leur at Mon Plaisir 102C. We can be a little tricky to find, so a small set of instructions wouldn't hurt. When you exit the highway, take the second right at the traffic light. After about 100 meters, you'll come across a long green fence. Just before the Vak garage of Etten-Leur, turn left into the premises. See you soon!